BBB4M – International Business

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Class Schedule and Homework


KIVA – Georges Vanier SS


India – A Special Edition





**Fundamentals of Inernational Business –  A Canadian Perspective**

Chapter 1 – Introduction to International Trade

Canadian Importers Database – Provides lists of companies importing goods into Canada, by product, by city, and by country of origin.

Dirty Oil Sands – Provides up-to-date information on the oil industry

How Everyday Things Are Made – Introductory website that demonstrates the manufacturing processes used in the creation of over forty products.  Includes video.

Chapter 2 – Trade in the Modern World

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade – Read about Canada’s foreign policy, international trade, and traveling and living abroad.

Central Asia Institute – promotes and supports community-based education, especially for girls in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Currency Market – TVO





Canadian Economic Sanctions


Market Access Database


 Protectionism – Financial Times



Chapter 3 – What Is Culture?

Earth Calendar – A day book of holidays and celebrations around the world

Kwint Vision – videos of intercultural communication

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms – insight into Canadian Values 


Chapter 4 – Economics and Politics

 CIA World Factbook – history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, and military for most countries in the world

Executive Planet –  Provides business culture guides—including appropriate topics of conversation, attire, and behaviour—for many countries in the world.

Net MBA – Provides business knowledge resources, covering basic and advanced topics, including comparative advantage. 



Chapter 5 – International Trade Agreements & Organizations

 Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade – Provides information about Canada’s foreign policy, international trade, and travelling and living abroad.

NAFTA Now – Site produced by the Canadian, American, and Mexican governments; provides facts about NAFTA, as well as case studies of businesses that have benefited from the agreement.

Europa – The official EU website provides information about each of its twenty-seven member countries, legislation and treaties, institutions, statistics, videos, photos, etc.

EUTube – The European Union’s channel on YouTube.

World Trade Organization – Provides information on the WTO’s structure, agreements, and news, and includes audio and video resources.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – Provides general information about the OECD, as well as statistics and publications. Information can be searched by topic or by country.

World Bank – Provides information on the organization’s history, projects, members, news, etc.

International Monetary Fund – Provides research, data and statistics, reports and publications (searchable by country), as well as news and videos.

UN – Online book that provides information about the UN’s history and goals; includes answers to FAQs and self-test questions.

CBC News, “In Depth—Diamonds”


Brilliant Earth


Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct



Chapter 6 – Social responsibility and NGOs