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History at Georges Vanier
History is the witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalizes memory and provides guidance in daily life.
Marcus Tullis Cicero (106BC- 43BC)

At Georges Vanier Secondary School the study of History is a wonderful voyage of discovery to seek the evolution of past civilizations, to explore the human experience in the past and to observe and critically assess man’s achievement. Through this extraordinary voyage students gain insights that enable them to understand their present times and inspire them with an interest in shaping their own future.

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Geography at Georges Vanier
"Geography Rocks!! Geography Matters!! Geography is Dynamic!! Geography is Everything!!"
I. Mackenzie

Geography is the study of people and their relationships with the environment they inhabit.

How's your geographical imagination?

Developing a geographical imagination will give you the capacity to understand the changing patterns, changing processes and changing relationships among peoples, places, and regions. Developing this capacity is increasingly important as the pace of change around the world increases at unprecedented levels. In today's world, with a globalize economy, instant global telecommunications, and increasing global interdependence, it is urgent that we try to understand the impacts of these changes on our lives and on the environment. Geography offers us an opportunity to guide us to better choices for our future world.

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Family Studies at Georges Vanier

The scope of the Family Studies field allows the development of a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of Georges Vanier students. Our courses acknowledge and appreciate the multicultural nature of our school and Canadian society. The primary purpose of Family Studies is education for family living. We will examine issues related to the family and encourage skill development need for effective family living.

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